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MPRW offers a range of research solutions and services, including editing services, expert, guidance, and mentorship. The main aim of our company is to provide such tools that help research scholars to enhance their research with innovative solutions.


Providing excellent support for your research journey

Shadow Support

As you progress through each phase of your Ph.D. degree, let your online adviser lead the way.

Research ethics and compliances

Our support helps maintain integrity and compliance, promoting ethical research practices.

Research across all Discipline

Get One Stop Solution for every concern letting your research struggled.

Privacy Integrity

Protect your research and personal information against unauthorised reading, access, or modification.

Our Products


Generate a request for any research article and then review it on the behalf of request, having both automatic and manual functionality.


Provide non copied material or text to convey the same meaning using alternative wording and structure.

Psuedo Code

Automates algorithm creation using computational techniques, optimizing solutions for diverse applications, and fostering innovation.

Data preprocessing

This feature involves data augmentation, data cleaning, transforming, normalizing, or enhancing raw data to prepare it for analysis or modelling tasks.


With WRIRK's services, scholars can receive valuable guidance and assistance at any stage of their research process. Our dedicated team of professional researchers is here to guide, assist, and support scholars in reaching their research goals.

Why us?

At MPRW, we offer a wide range of research solutions designed to make research more efficient and effective with advanced data analysis tools, research management systems and publication software. We understand that research is a complex and often challenging process, which is why we are dedicated to providing the tools and solutions that researchers need to succeed..

Ranveer Singh

From the directors desk, achieving success in the realm of research and innovation extends beyond the mere act of producing discoveries. It encompasses a persistent commitment to attaining the highest standards of quality, the willingness to view failure as a valuable opportunity for growth, and a steadfast conviction in the transformative potential of our collaborative endeavors to effect meaningful change on a global scale.

Ranveer Singh

Our Company

Our company is dedicated to helping researchers and research institutions accelerate the pace of their discoveries and breakthroughs by providing the latest and most innovative tools and solutions.


To enable research scholars to focus on genuine ideas of research and development by providing state-of-the-art tools and solutions, expert guidance, and mentorship at every step of their research journey.


Our vision is to revolutionize the research landscape through transformative services.We aim to empower scholars and help them reach their full potential.By offering comprehensive support, we strive to create a significant impact in the world of research.